Avast free antivirus 7 and Avast internet security 7 allows users to block URL or websites easily. This feature was not available in previous versions. Now come to know how to block URL or websites with Avast free antivirus 7 and Avast internet security.
Procedure of site blocking with avast antivirus:
Open avast antivirus interface first.
Click additional protection menu in the left bar.

Then click on the menu site blocking.

You will see a page for site blocking. This enables you to block access to specific websites or URL.

Click on the checkbox enable site blocking.
Enter the URL or website you want to block.
Click ADD button below

URL or websites will be blocked and you will see a message when someone tries to access blocked URL or websites.

If you want to unblock, click delete button beside URL under site blocking menu.


  1. Woah, nice post, while avast is my best free antivirus, with this post it's even better.

    Thank you!

  2. This does not work in version 7!!

  3. it's work with version 7

  4. I notice I am not able to block websites with secure URL where the address begins with https;//www...

    1. I have noticed bugs in ver 8 , i wrote this post for ver 7

  5. It doesn't work in internet security ver 8 either

  6. avast blocks the website Ok!! But if you browse the website through a search engine such a google you can get through. For example i blocked facebook on my pc using avast. However, when i searched for the site using google, the site opened.
    How to block the sites completely?
    Thanks in advance.


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